What is search engine optimization?

By November 25, 2012 One Comment

Search engine optimization is the conscious utilization of techniques that search engines use to rank and categorize pages. Because a search engine’s job is very hard, categorizing trillions of pages on the Web into topic areas in order to return the best search results, they use scraping methodologies to understand what the content on your page is actually about. Search engine optimization is more than just ensuring that your title tags, meta tags, H1 tags, and anchor link text matches the overall SEO strategy (often called on-page optimization). It’s also more than conducting ongoing public relations work to urge other reputable sites in your industry to link back to your content (called off-page optimization). At its core, good search engine optimization is good human optimization. Search engines continuously perfect their algorithms in order to deliver the results that real people prefer. A holistic search engine optimization strategy takes these factors into account, building content that encourages users to click around on your site (increasing the “Pages per Visit” metric), share your content on social media (the “social” metric), and interact with you via comments (the “page freshness” metric).