What is media buying?

By November 25, 2012 One Comment

Media buying is the execution of your media plan utilizing the creative content that has been developed for the campaign. Media buying includes purchasing ad space, testing different creative variants to see which meets your goals best (like A/B split testing), tracking of your campaign, and analysis of your results.

Purchasing Ad Space

Media buyers are trained to work with national ad buying networks to place your ads across a variety of media as determined by your media plan. With large enough purchases, a media buyer can negotiate discounts, or added value, to show your ad more times or at a cheaper rate than we had initially calculated in the media plan. Negotiating added value is one of the key reasons to choose an ad agency over negotiating media buys yourself: as an ad agency, we have relationships with major publishers and can often do combination buys: adding your buys with another client’s buys on the same media vehicle to achieve greater cost savings for each client. For example, if we buy ads in Vogue for one client and ads in Bon Apetit for another, a media buyer could negotiate added value for both buys at the same time since both publications are owned by the same publisher, Conde Nast.

Ad Testing

Media buyers will experiment with different creative executions, media vehicles, placements, and (for online ads) time of day to determine what is the most cost-effective way to place your ads. Media buyers will deliver an analysis of different options using calculated figures like CPM to determine which media vehicles are the most efficient.

Tracking and Analysis of Campaigns

When your campaign is completed, media buyers and planners work together to submit a report on what the results of the campaign were in order to inform future advertising decisions.