We’re Not Great Designers.

But We’re Exceptional Marketers.

Hi. Sage (creative director) here, and I want to level with you. I’m not a designer. I didn’t go to art school. I don’t know color theory. We make advertising, not art.

We’ve been doing Web design for almost ten years, but that’s not what makes us different. As an advertising agency, we solve marketing problems. If you’d like to have a candid conversation about your business’s digital presence, we’d love to chat. Just fill out the form to the right and we’ll reach out via email.

I’d like to invite you to fill out this form before reading through the rest of this page, especially if you don’t have time to give this project your full attention at this moment.

They’re not the prettiest websites money can buy, but we love them anyway:

800score / LSAT-Center

800score / LSAT-Center

September 15, 2016

Samuel Gottschall

Samuel Gottschall

June 13, 2015

BA Rudolph Foundation

BA Rudolph Foundation

April 30, 2015



October 17, 2014

Our Web Design Philosophy

We follow five simple rules of web design to create effective interactive platforms for brands.

1. Less is more.

Studies show that people use the Web differently than any other medium. People read books and skim magazines, but they scour the Web. What this means is that a user who is visiting your site has a specific intention in mind. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in seconds, they’re back to the Search Engine to try another site. This is called the “bounce rate” in your analytics platform, and it represents customers who could-have-been-but-weren’t. Our first rule is designed to keep that from happening. Whenever possible, we’ll design your site to show users exactly what they came to see.

2. Design matters.

People are perceptive, and the design of your site is the first impression that people get when they visit. Within a second, people make judgments about the quality of information on your site, how likely they are to make a purchase from you, how much they trust your brand, and what you stand for. Savvy internet users can even tell intuitively what technology your website is built in. At a glance, most users can tell if your site was built using an antiquated standard like HTML4, on a template, or by a brand that just doesn’t “get it.”

3. Navigation should be intuitive.

People have learned how to browse the Web, and it’s not our job to break people of those habits. As such, we believe the user interface is extremely important in getting visitors to stay on your site. We assess user interface design from the ground up and build a site so that it navigates equally well from someone entering on your home page or from Google to a specific page.

4. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. We use enterprise-quality backends like WordPress to ensure that your site is continually updated to ensure ongoing security and compliance with modern standards. We lay our own custom front-ends on top of WordPress so that our team has full control of your site’s final look and feel. All of the software choices we implement as part of our process have reached a maturity level that we can trust to work on a variety of devices, even those not yet invented, and to scale with a client’s business.

5. Don’t forget the content.

Having a clear message that conveys your brand’s style and positioning is key. Our team features amazing copywriters who craft the message on your site to match the consumer’s goal, whether that consumer is learning more, shopping around, or ready to buy.

Average Web Development Costs


$ 899

All Inclusive
  • Optimized for lead generation
  • Includes Search Engine Optimization
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$ 1799

All Inclusive
  • Optimized for lead generation
  • Better Search Engine Optimization*
  • Includes a company blog
  • Built on WordPress
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$ 3299

All Inclusive
  • Optimized for direct online sales
  • Includes Search Engine Optimization
  • Built on WooCommerce
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*Better Search Engine Optimization does not imply that other packages have worse optimization, simply that the nature of the site – interactive, frequently updated – plays better at Google HQ and receives better rankings as a result. An interactive site is highly recommended, though not required, if you plan to utilize search engines as a channel.

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Other Services

In addition to Web Design and eCommerce, our team is ready to help you with a variety of other online marketing services including: activating new marketing channels (search engines, social media, email marketing, paid advertising, etc), providing support for sales staff (better qualifying, handling, and nurturing of leads), and general consulting.