For Social Media, Edgar Is Your New Best Friend

By February 5, 2015 One Comment

Meet Edgar is a game-changing social media scheduling tool that we will be using in all of our clients’ social media campaigns.

We have known for a long time that isolated social media posts reach a very small proportion of followers. Time Magazine published data recently that confirmed this. Their data showed that the average Facebook post reaches only 6% of the poster’s followers. And other data indicates that the insignificant reach of a social media post isn’t limited to Facebook. This left us with a dilemma.

On the one hand, if we didn’t post the same content multiple times in order to extend a post’s reach, creating the content wasn’t worth the cost. After all, barely anyone would see it before it faded into an oblivion, and we would need too much post to keep our accounts active. On the other hand, creating a social media schedule that repeated posts effectively was also a time-consuming and costly process — not to mention how awful and tedious it is to set up. So, whatever way we sliced it, effective social media campaigns were going to be costly.

Edgar was created to allow businesses and individuals to escape this dilemma. And like many of the best ideas to come along, Edgar’s solution is as simple and easy-to-use as it is effective.

Instead of heading directly into a calendar and tediously selecting content and times to post it, working hard to ensure that your identical posts are spaced out appropriately, Edgar revolves around categories or types of content. The basic idea, here, is that users create libraries of categorized content in Edgar. The default categories Edgar provides are Inspirational/Funny, Promotional, Tips, My Blog Posts, Questions, and Use Once. But you can rename these, delete these categories, or create new ones, depending your goals. Once you’ve established libraries of content bunched by categories, you can then set your social media schedule by just picking times and dates to post content. Edgar’s algorithms are then put to work. They enter your libraries of content and select the specific content to post at the times you specified — and they make sure that the content is distributed in a reasonable way, so content isn’t repeated at undesirable intervals.

Successfully escaping the cost-trap that social media campaigns can be makes Edgar an invaluable way schedule an effective social media campaign. But it also offers other features that make it more than worth the price, such as the ability override content it selects on a given date, the ability to designate some content as single-use content, and more. Edgar rocks.

  • tracysestili

    I just signed up for this. I’m looking forward to trying it out. I’ve been a long time HootSuite user from day 1 and I’ve tried PostPlanner, Sprout Social, Buffer and other tools and so it will be interesting to compare this tool to the others.