Right, so, for those of you out there not living under a rock, you’ll have seen that ‪‎Pokemon Go‬ is one of the most overwhelming fads that’s swept the nation in a very long time. In less than a week, the app is nearly as popular as Twitter, and it’s driving levels of foot traffic that eclipse even Foursquare in its peak.

It’s a big deal. A very big deal. I post maybe two big announcements like this a year — and this is important enough to announce.

At Limitless Interactive, we’ve been following the augmented reality scene for years and have some clear strategies that businesses of all shapes and sizes with a brick and mortar presence can use to cash in on the traffic.

If this sounds like you, get your business assessment, where I can tell you:

  • The total mobile usage within a block of your address, which addresses your business’s potential to utilize these strategies
  • The specific opportunities that Pokemon Go offers at your location (PokeStops and Gyms)
  • The rarity of the pokemon that are appearing near your location (rarer is better)
  • Whether or not your location features a “spawn point” where wild Pokemon naturally occur
  • Whether or not you’re on any common biking or walking routes between hot spawn locations

And if you think, “Well, I can’t sell anything to kids!” — you’d be right. 79% of Pokemon Go players are adults.

  • 12-15yo: 4%
  • 16-18yo: 17%
  • 19-21yo: 23%
  • 22-25yo: 28%
  • 26-30yo: 20%
  • 31-35yo: 5%
  • 36+yo: 2%

So tell your friends — bars, restaurants, retail, or any customer-facing brick and mortar store has the opportunity to jump on this wave in its infancy. It’s a secret that hasn’t been announced but can be detected by decompiling the Pokemon Go app — McDonalds is already sponsoring the app and within weeks we expect to see offers popping up to get people to walk into a McDonalds. Why not preempt that billion dollar advertising budget and get in before they do?

Catch ’em all!