Earning valuable media exposure with Public Relations

By November 25, 2012 3 Comments

Public relations comes in two forms: positive PR and reputation management. Earning media exposure with public relations requires a technique called “Positive PR.”

Positive PR is created to earn media exposure.

Positive PR involves using our relationships with media publishers to drive your message into the news cycle through the use of “upselling” media attention. Initially, we drive awareness of your issue through press releases and local blogs. We then promote the media attention gained on local blogs into larger Internet blogs, like the Huffington Post or Gawker. Finally, we pitch stories that make these major publications to local affiliates of national news organizations and local newspapers. Once picked up via broadcast media at a local level, stories can be leveraged to coverage on the national news.

This is not to be confused with Reputation Management

Also called damage control, reputation management’s goal is to drive negative thoughts about your brand out of consumers’ minds. Reputation management is performed in both online and offline settings. Online reputation management involves building more owned media so that your brand message dominates search engine listings. Offline reputation management involves press conferences and favorable publication in the national media. We hope that brands never need our reputation management services, so we encourage the use of PR in the early stages to help build and maintain a positive image.