Chobani wants babies to go Greek. The yogurt maker, which helped pioneer Greek yogurt in the U.S., will target tykes with a new product called Chobani Tots. It's slated to hit stores in January.

Chobani Launches Chobani Tots

I can confidently say, even after working with Chobani for 8 months, that I did not see that coming. Chobani already had the Champions line, targeting children, so this new extension targeting Tots may cannibalize┬áthe Champions line. I’m not a marketing guy, though, so I can’t say for certain. As far as corporate communications goes, the Chobani brand is certainly poised to expand in many new areas, but I anticipated a meal-ready-to-eat variation, packaged with salad and pita chips, to hit stores┬álong before an expansion into the Tots line.

There’s also the question of where this new direction leaves Chobani SoHo, the brand’s brick and mortar location in NYC that allows users to experiment with yogurt mix-ins and toppings, notably various different oils, salts, and other savory ingredients. Has Chobani abandoned its goals of expanding into savory yogurts altogether after the brick and mortar experiment? Only time will tell.

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